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Munster Express Get Involved Community Initiative

Tramore Gets involved!

Tramore Tidy Towns Association have partnered with the Munster Express on the nationl Get Involved  Community Initiative and have identified a very worthy local project.

The Get Involved Community Initiative is operating throughout the 26 counties and is being promoted by the member titles of the Regional Newspaper and Printers Association of Ireland and NNI Local and Regional Press. 22 projects are participating and judging of this inaugural event will be chaired by award winning architect, environmental campaigner and broadcaster Duncan Stewart.

The Munster Express is championing the Tramore project and, through the columns of the newspaper, has been fortunate in getting many volunteers to participate in this long overdue project to clean up Doneraile.

Express readers and visitors are encouraged to visit the project and witness the great progress achieved to date, despite the dry spell.

A huge effort has gone into grass cutting of public areas, removal of litter and the establishment of an ongoing anti-litter plan, painting of public seats and much, much more.

The volunteers have established a wild garden meadow, brainchild of Alan Walshe.

This is located near the old bandstand at the lower end of the Doneraile and is a unique gem as one looks out over the beautiful Tramore Bay, beach and sand hills.

The Doneraile has tremendous views and is perhaps under rated as a public amenity. Hence the Tidy Towns group selected this area as one of their main projects.

Ann Cheasty of Supervalu, a local business supporter of the initiative reports that the group meet every Thursday, do their allocated jobs, discuss plans and progress.

During the hot weather many volunteers worked on the beach, making sure that it was clean for visitors. While resources at this point were a little stretched, they managed.

Volunteers, accompanied by this reporter, inspected the Doneraile last week and noted the great progress made so far and noted how well the project is looking for visitors and towns people alike.

Being a tourist attraction, Tramore faces an ongoing challenge with litter issues and the volunteers are working hard to overcome this difficulty

However, as Anne Cheasty says; the litter issue is getting resolved and the town has never looked better.  Tramore has been criticized in the past for its rubbish on the beach and elsewhere, but finally this issue has been addressed.

Anne is also complimentary of the many young people working on a council initiative as part of a clean-up programme.

This has meant that extra resources are available this year, with up to ten young people working on the summer programme.