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novel promotional ideas promoting the importance of water conservation

Below are two very unique and novel promotional ideas the children at the school put together to highlight the importance of their local water scheme.

Attached is a pdf of The Connaught Telegraph carrying their important local news 30 years from now…

Newspaper designed with news from 30 years from now

and also below a link to a super video created and acted by the children promoting the importance of water conservation



Pupils of St. Brendan’s National School in Kilmeena working on their project

photographs of the pupils of St. Brendan’s National School in Kilmeena working on their project.

The project is an intensive, knowledge  and work based effort to ensure the sustainability of their local group water scheme,
” The Kilmeena Group Water Scheme”.

The project is run being run and carried out by the 5th and 6th class pupils from the school and
is an amazing work in progress.

The Kilmeena Group Water Scheme

Please find below a link which will introduce you to the project St Brendan’s National School, Kilmeena, Co. Mayo are working on with The Kilmeena group water scheme not far from Castlebar. There are also some pdf’s of the story carried so far in The Connaught Telegraph

St. Brendan’s Project involves teaming up with the local group water scheme in Kilmeena to promote the importance of water in the community and the work that can be done by all to promote water conservation. A series of workshops and project objectives have detailed to ensure the long term sustainability of this project.

They have a fantastic principle in Mickey Carney and are an unbelievable bunch of students this project is way beyond their years, their attitude is just what this country needs to get back on its feet and Sean Corrigan from the Kilmeena Group Water Scheme is delighted..

This project is about more than water, it is about pride, a sense of belonging, hard work and discipline. The children are learning from experts, the best in their field. The communication and presentation skills they are learning will improve their confidence, and stand to them in their future education. The students are then applying the knowledge to protect life’s most precious resource. This project is about the children making a better future for themselves and their community.

The whole purpose of this project is that it is driven by the children in the school. They are huge into it and are working hard to put various plans in progress – all the responsibility goes to the kids. They after all are the future of the village.

The Kilmeena Project is at infancy stages and they have huge plans hoping to go International and Sean Corrigan has all the expertise in this area.

“The thing that appeals to us all is that it is OUR LAKE and OUR GROUP WATER SCHEME and OUR COMMUNITY. There is huge positive feedback from parents and the community.” – Michael Carney School Principal.

Below are links to latest coverage of the project from The Connaught Telegraph

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