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Well worth all the hard work

It’s been a busy week for Ned Tench and his team of volunteers in the garden of the FAB Community House in Ferndale.
The group, consisting of Ned, Peter O’Brien, Mark McHale and Nathan Mullally and a few more volunteers, spent five days working on transforming the area from an overgrown mess into a perfect little haven for everyone to enjoy.
“We’ve been hard at it all week,í said Ned, who is based in New Ross. ëI suppose one of the days was spent just getting ourselves set up and getting everything sorted, so you could say it took four days really. I do this for a living and when you know what you’re doing you can get through jobs like this quick enough.”
Throughout the week four men worked extremely hard on the garden and on Friday when it was all done, they were able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.
“It’s a perfect little spot on a day like today,” Ned said. “The good thing about the garden now is that it will be easy for them to maintain. Over the next few weeks they can start planting the flowers and that will really set it off.”
While the work was mostly carried out by Ned, Peter, Mark and Nathan, they were helped by volunteers from Ozanam House as well as Olga Navickiene, Helen Keating and Ann Beary throughout the week, ensuring they were finished by the deadline they had set themselves of Friday afternoon.

GENEROUS businesses who donated materials free of chage to the initiative included:

Traynor’s Hardware, John Street, Wexford
Telephone: 053 91 22511

Boggan Sand & Gravel, Kilmacree, Drinagh
Telephone: 053 91 58039
Mobile: 0879819230

Castle Stone, Castle Ellis, The Ballagh, Enniscorthy
Telephone: 053 9136136
Mobile: 0872593997

Trinity Hire, Trinity Street, Wexford
Telephone: 053 9147900

The Wexford People also donated €1,000 to the project.

Thanks are also due to some generous readers who donated items.

FAB would still welcome donations of garden furniture and features, and appropriate plants. Any business or reader who can help can contact them on 053 9142018 or through the Wexford People.

Ferndale House Friday Catherine Reynolds and Olga Navickiene with kids from FAB Huggie Bears Cresche

Community garden is a great addition to the local area

Members of staff at FAB were absolutely delighted with the all the help they received in order to transform the garden at the back of the Community House in Ferndale.
Kathleen Ruddle, who is on the Board of Management, was over the moon when the work was completed on Friday and she said: “It really is going to be a great benefit to us up here. It makes the place look more inviting. When the flowers go in and that I’m sure it will look amazing, particularly come Autumn.”
FAB Community and Family Resource Centre was founded in 1996 and works proactively with a number of groups including young people at risk of offending, early school leavers, disadvantaged men and women, marginalised groups, parents and the long term unemployed.
They offer a range of services including a range of family support services such as counselling and mediation, targeted youth programmes, support for children and a community based creche.
According to Kathleen, the Community House itself has been a great benefit to the project.
“The house is a great benefit to us,” she said. “It provides us with a lot more space for meetings and even a number of the services which we provide.”
Kathleen says that the garden will be a big benefit to a number of different groups within the community. “It makes the whole place more attractive. It will be nice for the kids to have a place where they can come out and play, but it’s also a lovely place that the older people can sit out and enjoy. I’m sure we’ll have a barbecue or two out here in the future if we get the weather!”
On behalf of everyone at FAB, Patricia was keen to thank everyone who made the project such a success.
“Well firstly I’d like to thank Ned, Peter, Mark and Nathan for giving their time to the project. They’ve worked really hard and we really appreciate it.
“I’d also like to thank the volunteers from Ozanam house, Ann Beary, Helen Keating and Olga Navickiene for helping out.
“Obviously a massive thank you goes out to Jim Hayes and everyone at the Wexford People for making this possible as well as Traynors Hardware, Boggans Sand & Gravel, Castle Stone and everyone who contributed to the project.”
Kathleen finished by saying: “We really appreciate the work that everyone has put in and we hope that everyone in the community appreciates it and respects it and hopefully this will be a great addition to the area for the future.”

Ferndale House Friday Nathan Mullally, Brenda Wadding Byrne,Ned

From an overgrown garden to FAB space

– padraig byrne
What a difference a week can make! Having spent a total of five days working on the garden at the back of the FAB Community House in Ferndale, a team of volunteers sat in the mid afternoon sun on Friday, enjoying a well earned drink and viewing their work.
The transformation of the garden has been nothing short of remarkable, coming a long way in a relatively short period of time. Just over a week ago, the garden was just a disused space, overgrown with weeds and long grass.
Now with its planters, pathways and pebble features, it is a place that the whole community can benefit from, enjoy and be proud of.
On a sunny day, like Friday, the garden is its own little slice of heaven and is a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the fine weather, as project manager Ned Tench will tell you, having completed the last of the hard, structural work.
The Garden, which was The Wexford People’s chosen project for the “Get Involved 2013” campaign has been a huge success, not only for those involved, but for the whole community.
The idea behind “Get Involved” is that 51 local newspapers from across the country become champions or coordinators of a community project to create a sense of pride and motivation in each paper’s catchment area. Having seen first hand all of the work that the FAB Community and Family Resource Centre has done in the area, the FAB Community House was an obvious choice.
Each newspaper was then tasked with enlisting the help of local businesses and volunteers from within the community.
Traynor’s Hardware in Wexford town were good enough to supply a lot of the materials that the team required, Boggan Sand & Gravel in Drinagh provided them with concrete and sand to put down lovely pathways in the garden, while Castle Stone donated 5 tonnes of ocean blue pebbles to really finish the look of the garden off and Trinity Hire provided the use of a power washer for that final tidy up.
It wasn’t just companies who contributed to the project either. Amy Murphy donated a set of brand new solar lights, while other generous benefactors provided a PVC door and some plants for the house.
The garden is not only much better looking than it was before, but it is now much easier to maintain too. Grass has been replaced with pebbles and pathways and soon the beautiful planters and trellises will host some wonderful flowers, ensuring that the garden looks even better in the weeks to come.

Amy Murphy with goodies for the Ferndale House

Generous firms help get project off ground

Work got under way yesterday on the Wexford People’s entry in the “Get Involved 2013” local newspaper community project competition.

ëGet Involvedí is a community initiative that will be the central theme for Local Newspaper Week 2013 and will see 51 local newspapers from across the country become champions/coordinators of community projects that will create a sense of pride and motivation within each newspaperís catchment area.
The Wexford People’s project aims to transform the garden at the FAB Community House in Ferndale for the benefit of the people of Ferndale and surrounding housing estates creating a real sense of pride in the area.

A number of local businesses have been encouraged to ëget involvedí with the project in recent weeks which will have national profile through the final awards ceremony, which will be judged by award winning architect and well-known TV presenter Duncan Stewart as well as a number of provincial judges.

Project Manager, Ned Tench, is happy with the level of support received so far, however he is also hoping that people and businesses will continue to contribute materials as well as their time if the project is to be finished on schedule.

“Traynors Hardware have been very good to us,” said Ned. “Theyíve donated a lot of things like paint brushes, paint, sweeping brushes and spades, all of which are vital to the project.
“Also Boggan’s concrete have been very good to us and they are going to provide us with the concrete and sand that we need. The Wexford People were good enough to give us €1,000 which we were able to spend on wood and other supplies too.

ëWeíre very happy with everyoneís contribution so far but we still have a few things left on our wish-list however. I suppose topsoil and paving slabs and maybe a few trellises for the walls are the things we require the most at the minute and weíre hoping that people will come forward and donate them if they can. If not weíll have to get a hold of them some other way.

Other things included on the wish-list for the project are Garden Furniture, shrubs, plants and seeds, a PVC door for the front porch, a small water fountain and cabling, bags of coloured pebbles for decorative features, a small greenhouse and perhaps some indoor plants for the general decoration of the house.

Itís not just local businesses who are donating materials to the project either. Amy Murphy showed wonderful kindness by donating a set of solar lights she purchased for the project and it is now hoped that others will follow suit and give what they can.

Around five volunteers got the project under way at FAB yesterday (Monday), and it was a busy day according to Ned. ëIt was busy enough getting started,í he said. ëToday we mowed all the grass and tidied up a bit and did a bit of planing. Weíre hoping to pour concrete tomorrow (Tuesday) and start on the paths and flower beds and things like that. Hopefully itíll begin to take shape fairly quickly after that.í
Ned is aiming to have the project completed by the end of the week if everything goes to plan and if people are generous with their time and materials. ëWeíre hoping to have everything done by Friday,í he said. ëWe hope that people will drop up to us here at the house and lend a hand so that we can have it completed on time.

For local businesses or readers who wish to get involved with the project, or contribute much needed materials, get in touch by calling the offices of The Wexford People on 053 9140100 or by emailing

Volunteers are ready, willing and able

VOLUNTEERS ARE ready, willing and able to get stuck into designing and creating new gardens at the FAB Community House in Ferndale, in Wexford. But first they need contributions of tools, plants, equipment and a load of good quality dirt to help them in their endeavours. The front and back gardens at the house are to be transformed as part of the Wexford People’s entry in the ‘Get Involved 2013′ local newspaper community project competition. The initiative aims to create a garden that will benefit people in Ferndale and surrounding housing estates. It is hoped that the patch of ground behind the Community House will be transformed into something that creates a sense of pride and motivation. Local businesses are encouraged to get involved with the project which will have a national profile through the awards. ‘We need timber and bricks, concrete slabs, topsoil, plants and would be very grateful for small greenhouse,’ said FAB project co-ordinator Josephine Kielthy. ‘And we would love to have a small water feature as we want to make the garden an attractive place for people to sit in. We have nowhere like that at the moment,’ said Josephine. Eamon ‘Ned’ Tench has been made the project co-ordinator and will be on hand to marshal his volunteers from the community once the scheme gets underway in earnest. The first step will be clearing the site and that will require the loan of a couple of skips.

The list of requirements:

  • Garden furniture
  • 4/5 trowels, 2/3 shovels, forks
  • Hard bristle sweeping brushes
  • Exterior metal paint for rear shutters (blue or green if possible)
  • Shrubs, plants and seeds of all and any variety
  • Pvc door for front porch
  • Exterior wall paint – cream or black x 5 litres
  • Small water fountain and cabling
  • Bark
  • Two sheets of membrane for beds at front of house
  • Bags of coloured pebbles for decorative features
  • Small greenhouse
  • Indoor plants if available for general decorating of house
  • Anything that would spruce up the house – lamps, pictures, cushions etc – not technically part of the project, but every little helps.
  • Exterior wood paint for rear door and front door – dark blue or green if possible 2.5 litres
  • Decorative garden ornaments, lanterns, candles, solar lights etc
  • Outdoor cushions etc for garden furniture
  • A small greenhouse and possibly a front door as well.

Anyone who is able to provide anything for the community house shopping list can email

wexford people get involved

Wexford People Get Involved

A GARDEN at the FAB Community House in the heart of Wexford’s biggest parish is to be transformed as the Wexford People’s entry in the ‘Get Involved 2013’ local newspaper community project competition. The initiative aims to create a garden that will benefit people in Ferndale and surrounding housing estates. It is hoped that the patch of ground behind the Community House will be transformed into something that creates a sense of pride and motivation. Local businesses are encouraged to get involved with the project which will have a national profile through the awards.
‘We need timber and bricks, concrete slabs, topsoil, plants and would be very grateful for small greenhouse,’ said FAB project co-ordinator Josephine Kielthy. ‘We have plans for four big raised beds with wheelchair access, so we will need huge amounts of topsoil and peat moss,’ she said. There is also a need for hand tools for the volunteers from the community who will be creating the garden, fencing panels and trellis for the back wall. Completed projects will be judged by a panel chaired by TV presenter Duncan Stewart. This will be followed by an awards ceremony to celebrate the best community projects from all over Ireland. The rear garden to the rear of the community house, which serves all of Coolcotts, is small and contains an oil tank. An early attempt to establish raised beds failed due to lack of resources.

‘It is our hope to build four raised beds and install a small greenhouse to encourage community horticulture projects aimed specifically at men and also for the After Schools programmes within the Centre to encourage young children to learn about horticulture and the environment,’said Josephine.

Children will be actively involved in the project and the garden.

Services currently being run from the House include:

  • An After Schools programme (I day per week)
  • Counselling services – free service to the community via funding sourced by FAB from the Family Support Agency on an annual basis
  • Families and adolescent counselling service – is a new initiative in partnership with HSE and FDYS
  • Young Mother’s Groups
  • Women’s Group
  • Meetings – community, inter agency and internal FAB meetings
  • Community Groups also book the house for meetings and activities at no charge

Services planned for the House include a Men’s Horticulture project with the long term aim to incorporate project into a FETAC horticulture programme at level 5 and 6. In the short term, the aim is to use the development of the community sustainable garden to engage with men in the area. The medium term aim is to encourage growing and sustainable living initiatives and to enter garden in annual garden/bloom awards.

Anyone in business who is able to offer materials or assistance to the worthy community garden project is asked to contact:

Wexford People Coverage of the ‘Get Involved 2013’ Community Project