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Donegal Democrat Get Involved

Donegal News 2014 Project Description

Errigal College of Windyhall (Letterkenny) has stepped up to the challenge of partaking in the national ‘Get involved’ initiative, which is promoted locally by the Donegal News.

The help required is for the public at large to donate their old unwanted bicycles, in any condition, which will be recycled by their pupils and made use of by their pupils.

How did the project originate?

After completing a Sky Sports challenge, staff at Errigal College realised that a lot of children don’t own a bike and in some cases have never owned a bike.

Phased plan of project

  • Errigal College public request for any old/new unused bikes (may not necessarily be working but maybe stored away in sheds etc)
  • Collect as many as possible for September
  • Then, as a module, have the School’s transition year class build and repair the bikes from what is available.
  • Aim is to have a ‘rent a bike’ scheme in the school, allowing the kids to have the use of a bike for a deposit of 10 Euro for one month and if the bike comes back the way they got it, they get the 10 Euro back
  • Any bicycle, which is not suitable for repair, will be recycled and the money earned will help buy some essentials like repair kits etc.
  • This project will run for the school year but the intention is it will become an ongoing project continuing as a module in transition year.

During the project:

The project, which is aimed towards ecotourism and resource efficiency, ties in with the School’s green ethos and pushes a healthy agenda as children are encouraged to cycle to school or become more active.

Long term community benefits:

  • Involve students in a positive initiative with obvious resultant benefits;
  • Encourage the School, in its entirety, to be more aware of green issues and student health;
  • Engage the wider community with the School;
  • Ensure students understand the economic benefits of running a scheme of this nature & also appreciate the level of care required when owning a bike;
  • The scheme to be adopted & implemented on a national scale.

Who is or will be involved  in the project

Transition year students and leaving cert applied students (30 in total), 6 teachers and parents. Classes will be timetabled back to back so students have a choice of maintenance and art, as well as enterprise and horticulture.