Get Involved Themes

This year, Get Involved will focus on eight areas. To enter Get Involved, your project should fit within one of these themes, which are outlined below:

  1. Energy
    Projects based around community co-ops for local energy; building energy efficient retrofits; or producing renewable fuels for use locally to provide heat, transport and power.
  2. Food
    Projects that are involved in growing and processing local food produce for the needs of their community through community food co-ops.
  3. Nature/Biodiversity
    Community projects that enhance, restore and protect nature and ecosystems.
  4. Ecotourism
    Projects that foster sustainable tourism and ‘eco-tourism’ in their locality.
  5. Water
    Locally-based projects that recognise the requirement for water sustainability and/or raise awareness of how critical this invaluable resource is to localities.
  6. Resource Efficiency
    Projects that aim to develop markets for recyclables in Ireland.
  7. Sustainable Employment
    Community projects that innovate and stimulate local, sustainable enterprises and generate new livelihoods.
  8. Community Energy Champion
    As sustainable energy is becoming critically important for the future well-being of this country and the wider global community, SEAI and your local newspaper are seeking to identify the Community Energy Champions in our communities. These can be individuals or groups who have made a significant difference in their communities in terms of energy conservation or clean energy generation.