Get Social With Get Involved

Congratulations to all of you who “Got Involved” this year. Each person who took part, whether as a project leader or a part time contributor, has played a part in something bigger than themselves.

You’ve campaigned, renovated, conserved, gardened and co-op-ed up a storm for your community’s benefit. And so have lots and lots and LOTS of other people throughout the country.

In fact, 27 separate projects were undertaken in 2015. Each project brought together a community of volunteers who focused on bringing about practical and real social change.

Add to this year’s tally the 22 projects that were completed in 2014 and the additional 22 that participated in 2013, the first year of the initiative, and you start to get the picture of a wave of social innovation that is sweeping the country project by project.

Although each Get Involved project is supported by its local newspaper, we want to spread the word about Get Involved further and wider. We want to let everyone in Ireland know that communities throughout the country have given up their time to make real, sustainable change happen. It’s time to take our underground movement into the spotlight!

You can help by sharing stories, pictures and videos of your project. Not only will this inspire future participants to take up the mantle, it might even encourage the judges to take a shine to your project (and let’s not forget that there’s a bursary of €12,000 available for the winners to share).

We’ll Tweet, post to Facebook and make sure that your project shouts louder, shines brighter and gets the attention it deserves.

So come on, get in touch and Get Involved online!

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